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YouTube, the most popular video sharing site, has implemented a number of innovations to improve user experience and give users more control over their own accounts.

The most notable of these was making it easier for users to access videos in the genres they are interested in. Here are the new features of YouTube;

The first of the innovations that YouTube will bring with the iOS and Android update is the possibility of hiding recommendations from channels you are not interested in. In fact, such a feature still exists. While browsing through the suggested videos, if a video does not interest you or you do not want to see it, there is an 'I am not interested' option when you tap the icon next to the video title. This option removes that video from the suggested videos. The new feature removes the channel owned by this video from your stream. This prevents you from seeing other videos from the same channel. With this feature, you remove the YouTube channel to which the video belongs from your life.

Another feature offered by YouTube is related to information about recommended videos. YouTube makes its video recommendations based on previously watched videos. Only from now on will users be able to learn in more detail why a video was recommended. This feature will come into effect with the first update to the iOS version of YouTube. Android users have to wait a little longer.

On the other hand, the filtering feature that YouTube brings to your home page is also available to Android users. This feature, where you can filter videos according to the topics you will see on your homepage, will only have English language support for now and will be included in the iOS application in the coming days.

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