New Update for Tablets from Youtube

Some updates have been released for more effective use of YouTube's website on touch screen devices. With the update, if you enter the YouTube website from touch-screen devices, you will always be able to see the “three dots” menu option under all video thumbnails. Before the update, you could see the “three dots” option if you hovered the cursor over the video title. This caused difficulty in using large-screen touch devices.

The update includes “Watch History” improvements that show which videos you watched on a specific day/date.

Another convenience that comes with the update is; Arranging videos in your playlists with “Move up/down” options. Like this; You won't have to drag and drop videos anymore. This feature, which was included in previous versions but was removed a while ago, has been reintroduced with the new update.

Another innovation was the increase in the size of the icons on the website. Thus, you will be able to easily touch the icons from devices with touch screens.

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