The Importance of Social Media in the Health Sector

Health institutions, which are not indifferent to people's efforts to obtain information on the internet at the first stage about the health services they need or the health problems they experience, have started to use the internet to reach the target audience. People who collect health information online and communicate by sharing this information with those in similar situations choose doctors or hospitals based on comments or information on social media platforms. Negative comments on social media can often affect doctor choice. For this reason, social media applications and social media management are becoming more important for healthcare organizations.

Using Social Media

So, in a situation where social media is so important, what should healthcare organizations pay attention to in social media management? How can we reach our potential target audience in need of healthcare faster via social media? At this point, the best move is to get support from a professional digital media agency. In addition, tips for using social media better are listed below. Here are the right steps for healthcare organizations to take for effective social media use:

1: Share Information

Social media is a way to reach the target audience quickly. Health institutions can also share information on any current or public health issue through social media applications and web pages in order to communicate effectively with the target audience. These posts attract attention by explaining how people can be protected from these dangers. In addition, patients can be contacted and informed after their written permission is obtained. In order to communicate with more people;

  • Use updated new technologies
  • Provide information about your practice and doctors on social networks
  • Answer questions from the target audience on topics such as how to reach doctors, working hours, etc.
  • Provide pre- and post-operative care information in case of any surgery.

2: Compare and Improve Quality

Another way to use social media effectively in the healthcare sector is competitor analysis. Opinions and comments about the services and patient satisfaction provided by rival healthcare institutions are important. Companies that receive professional social media management examine the methods followed by rival companies and develop a strategy accordingly. It is also important to consider whether there is a need to reach patients quickly and serve patient requests quickly. In addition to all these, recycling collection is also an effective method. In addition to understanding patients' reactions to doctors and medications, recycling can help patients form an opinion based on new techniques and responses from people in the healthcare industry. This allows the patient to develop an attitude based on feedback from patients. By following this feedback from patients, the services to be provided can be diversified.

3: Medical Staff Training

Nowadays, social media channels are used extensively in education processes in the health sector, as in every sector. In order to increase interaction during the training process, hash tags are used in social media applications to make the training process fun and to enable trainees to ask questions and receive instant feedback by asking questions.

Moreover, this technique provides the opportunity to attract the attention of the target audience by exemplifying innovative training processes, to market their facilities, and to use training videos and pictures in sessions.

4: Live Updates During Procedures

One of the most interesting posts today is the sharing of doctors or surgeons from operating rooms. By sharing this method on social media platforms, other doctors, medical students or curious people can be given updated information about the operating room. Although some argue that this method is distracting, another segment argues that it should be used for educational purposes.

Sharing surgical operations on social media applications attracts the attention of the media as well as sector-specific publications. This technique can be used as a marketing tool to attract patients and medical staff to your organization.

5: Communicate in Times of Crisis

Social media applications are used to inform people moment by moment in case of a possible crisis. Hospitals and other healthcare organizations can use social media to provide quick and effective communication with the target audience by providing updates on operational status, hospital capacity and emergency department access. In addition, in such cases, the rapid transmission of information shared by organizations such as the Ministry of Health and health organizations also enables communication with news sources.

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