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Although WhatsApp attracted some antipathy with its decision to share user data with other companies, it recently stepped back from the decision. Sahne Medya, which continues to announce innovations in the world of technology, made this decision of WhatsApp Expected Step Back from Whatsapp announced to users with the news. WhatsApp's new feature, which is still in the trial phase, seems to be enjoyed by users from all over the world. With this feature, WhatsApp will gain the ability to transfer chat content between phone numbers.

A while ago, WhatsApp discovered a new feature that allows its users to transfer their correspondence history between Android and iOS phones. In the past period, this feature has been expanded and it is now possible to transfer between phone numbers.

Visual, Video and Voice Messages Can Be Transferred Between Two Numbers

When you add a second phone number to your WhatsApp account, you will have the opportunity to transfer your chats between these two numbers. Moreover, this transfer includes not only correspondence but also all media content, whether visual, video or audio.

There is an important thing you should pay attention to when using the feature in question. That is, the number change process starts before the chat history transfer process. So, if you skip the first step, you will not be able to move your chat history to a new phone number.

The first purpose of developing this feature was to transfer message histories between phones with different operating systems (iOS and Android). However, it has now become possible to transfer chat history between two different phone numbers. Of course, it remains unknown when this new feature will be activated for all users. However, predictions are that chat history transfer between phone numbers will be activated thanks to a new update that will come in the summer.

WhatsApp Wants to Win Users It Lost to Telegram and Signal

WhatsApp, which received great reactions and suffered a significant loss of image for requiring the new confidentiality agreement it prepared in order to share its users' data with another company in Turkey, made some moves after completely stepping back and giving up on this issue. During this process, many people installed applications such as Signal and Telegram to show their reaction to the application. WhatsApp is preparing to quickly introduce innovations that will ensure user satisfaction in order to regain its lost image, not to fall behind its competitors and to regain the users it lost. This transfer opportunity is one of them.

Let's see what kind of innovations WhatsApp will try to gain the love and trust of its users.

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24-05-2021 05:55:43

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