Hiding Instagram Likes Will Be Optional

Instagram, the popular photo and video sharing application owned by Facebook, has decided to give all users from all over the world the chance to hide likes. The negative effects of the number of likes on photos and videos on users has been a matter of discussion. Instagram announced in its statement that displaying the number of likes on posts will be optional.

This new change is expected to be effective in order to combat the psychological pressure and feeling of worthlessness that the number of likes creates on people.

While it was reported that a similar change will be made on Facebook soon, it was also announced that users will be able to hide their likes and the likes of the accounts they follow.

According to the news published by Reuters news agency, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri underlined that thanks to this step, the application aims to offer people a better experience. Mosseri thinks that this move will create big changes on Instagram.

The fact that people's personal value began to be measured by the number of likes they had and the negative effects of this, especially on young Instagram users, was an extremely important problem. On the other hand, the fact that Instagram was a part of business for many people made it difficult to take precautions in this regard. Professional accounts will probably continue to show their like counts and run their business that way. However, it is also expected that many people will use this new feature to create a new trend on the internet.

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27-05-2021 07:14:26

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