Special Innovations for +18 Users from Instagram

Among the Social Media applications, Instagram is perhaps one of the most frequently updated ones. Instagram, which aims to offer a better experience to its users with a new feature almost every month, this time comes with a new feature for its users over the age of 18. The details of the news prepared by Sahne Media editors, who keep the pulse of the digital world for you, are as follows:

Instagram will allow adult users to limit posts that it defines as sensitive content for various reasons to three options.

This new feature, designed for users who do not want to encounter sensitive content, can be used by selecting any of the options in the Account-Sensitive Content Control section. There are three options in this section… The first one is Allow… If we select this, we can see all kinds of sensitive content. The second option is: Limit… It allows us to see some of the offensive or annoying content. If we choose the last option, Limit More, all contact with sensitive content is cut off.

This innovation, which is especially useful in limiting the videos and images we encounter in the Explore section, is currently only available to users over the age of 18. However, it may become active for younger users in the future.

It is possible to define sensitive content as posts containing violence or sexuality that are disturbing to some users, even if they do not completely violate Instagram rules.

If you are interested in the innovations of the Instagram application, you can read the news on our blog page. click here.

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Stage Media

26-07-2021 06:42:14

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