How to Generate Income on Youtube?

How to make money on YouTube and how much YouTubers earn is a question that everyone has asked at least once in their mind. YouTube, one of the most followed social media platforms, is a professional business medium for many people. As Sahne Medya, we are an agency that has managed many YouTube advertising campaigns. And we have compiled for you how to earn income from YouTube and how much YouTubers earn.

Platforms such as YouTube, DailyMotion and Twitch offer content creators multiple ways to earn money. So how much money do YouTubers make?

Google Ads (Adwords) advertising service is an advertising model that can be used on YouTube channels as well as on websites. Content creators earn their income from Google Ads (Adwords) ads through pay-per-click and pay-per-thousand impressions methods.

Some advertisers pay per click, some pay per view. Therefore, YouTube revenues are mostly medium. There are 3 separate categories for advertising fees in the Adsense system. Countries such as America (USA), Italy, England, France and Canada are the countries in the first category with the highest fees. Our country, together with countries such as Japan, Thailand and Argentina, constitute the second category.

As a result, advertisements watched by people living in the first category countries provide much more income to content producers than users in other categories. For example, while the YouTube channel visited by users living in countries in the first category earns around 18 dollars for 1,000 views, videos watched from countries in the second category do not generate that much income. (These calculations vary depending on the type of YouTube channel)

YouTube content producers are also classified and evaluated according to the types of their videos. For example, Ryan Kaji, the highest-earning YouTuber in the world, shoots toy box opening videos.

The Most Profitable Categories on Youtube are as follows:



3- Game

4-Beauty and fashion



7-Science and technology


In order for YouTubers to earn money, they must pass the threshold of at least one thousand subscribers. In addition, reaching four thousand hours of public viewing time is also among the partnership conditions.

Content Creators can also earn income through sponsorship and partnership models, in addition to the advertisements provided by the platforms they use. Partnership models, which are increasingly developing in Turkey, are frequently preferred by social media influencers because they are more profitable.

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