How Should Social Media Consultancy and Management Be Done?

Sahne Medya's Social Media team; It consists of graphic designers, video and photo editors, illustrators, copywriters and digital marketing experts, all of whom are experts in their fields. This being the case, it is inevitable for us to make a difference with the work we do as Sahne Media.

Stage Media Shines Your Brand's Image and Helps It Be Engraved in Minds

Within the scope of our Social Media consultancy service, we analyze both your brand and your competitors and identify the hashtags that have the highest potential for interaction in the area you serve. Through SEO and social media reflection analyses, we determine the most appropriate methods and tools to communicate with your target audience based on their interests and demographic characteristics. We prepare a communication strategy and monthly sharing plans based on the data we obtain.

We share in line with the schedule you approve and provide you with monthly reports of the interactions and conversions we achieve.

Social media consultancy and management is a service that increases your brand value, increases both your awareness and image, especially in the medium and long term, and thus provides great returns. In other words, it is one of the most important parts of the digital marketing strategy.

The Importance of Social Media Management Today

Social media, whose importance increases day by day, is now indispensable in business life as well as in private life. Thanks to its features such as encountering content according to one's interests and providing an entertainment-oriented and non-tiring sharing flow, social media is perhaps the platform where people spend the most time in big cities where people struggle with stress.

Social media, which means communication and entertainment for individual users, is a business field for companies, institutions and brands. Now all brands have to build an identity for themselves on these platforms. Otherwise, they fall behind the times and cannot get a share from the e-commerce sector, which increases its share in the economy every day.

Social media management is the quickest way for all businesses, no matter how big or small, to increase their sales, increase brand awareness and create a respectable image in the eyes of the public. All big companies are aware of this. However, businesses that are just starting their business life or have just stepped into the digital world are experiencing major problems in this regard. As such, professionals and agencies that provide social media consultancy services are becoming increasingly important. However, as in every branch of service, there are good and bad people here.

What Services Does Social Media Consultancy Include?

The agency that provides Social Media Consultancy services manages and assumes responsibility for your business's social media account and website. It determines the target audience of the product or service offered by your site, and performs reporting and social media data analysis. It creates the content, designs and strategy of your Social Media posts. It builds your corporate image. It increases your interactions and prepares new strategies by presenting you the reports they prepare. All these and more from time to time are among the duties and responsibilities of the agency that provides you with social media consultancy services.

Since it is a new profession, there are not enough diploma holders and expert professionals in this sector, and there are many incompetent people. This makes it difficult for businesses to decide who to choose when receiving social media consultancy services. Here are some tips for finding the right advisor:

What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing a Social Media Agency?

Choosing an agency that employs professionals who graduate from university communication faculties, graphic design and illustration departments, and economic and administrative sciences faculties where comprehensive courses on digital marketing are given will always take you a few steps forward. In the industry, “what is an approved account?” What are the ad types? What is an advertising panel? etc. There are many people who cannot answer the questions satisfactorily but still define themselves as social media experts. The choice is yours.

The agency you will work with should understand you well and have unity of purpose. You should closely follow the developments in the sector you serve and the digital world and be able to produce a consistent strategy. Sahne Medya has achieved many success stories in this regard with its professionals, each of whom has training and experience in their field. So what exactly is social media consultancy?

What is Social Media Consultancy?

Social Media Consultancy, which we can define as a business line needed by businesses that want to manage their profiles on social media networks professionally, is an increasingly important business line.

This situation, which has now become a mandatory need for brands, has enabled many brands to use social media successfully and increase their awareness and earnings. Social media gives brands the opportunity to reach their users more easily than ever before in history. It both expands its customer base and helps it increase its reputation and prestige in the eyes of the public.

What is Social Media Consultancy Job Description?

Social Media management is the first task of the agency you will work with. It manages your business' accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Pinterest, and Google+. Determines monthly sharing strategy. The communication language is decided together with you. It gives you an idea about your advertising campaigns and budget. It provides you with monthly reports about the work done and the results.

It ensures that your accounts are active, you increase your interactions and your brand is accessible to users. In other words, it ensures that your brand continues its life in the digital world.

As Sahne Medya, we are ready to manage all these processes with you with our experience and human resources. Let's walk together on the path to your goals. With Sahne Media, the future is yours, the stage is yours!

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