Voice and Video Conversation is Possible on Facebook

Facebook, one of the applications with the most followers among social media platforms, has started testing a new feature that will allow voice and video calls through its main application. It remains unknown when this innovation, which seems to cause Messenger to become a thing of the past, will be active. The editors of Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in SEO Based Web Design, E-Commerce, SEO consultancy, Google and Social Media advertisements, have prepared it for you.

Facebook, one of the world's largest social media platforms, made a new decision for its main application and launched an initiative that will enable audio-video conversation. However, Facebook was already providing this service via Messenger. Why this initiative was deemed necessary and what will be the fate of Messenger is unknown for now.

Facebook announced this new initiative to the public for the first time via Bloomberg. The Verge wrote that this new breakthrough will be the end of Messenger and that it has been tested in many countries, especially the USA.

Facebook users seem to be confused by the question of why the company, which has always attached great importance to Messenger, made this decision. Facebook executives said they would make further statements on the issue. In fact, a similar feature was tested by Facebook in 2019. However, there was no development regarding this feature and it was silently disabled. After two years, Facebook brought this feature back to its agenda. Let's see if this development will make Messenger dysfunctional as predicted.

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30-08-2021 13:45:56

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