Subscription System is Coming to Social Media

Will We Pay for TikTok, Twitter and Instagram?

We spend a significant part of our day on social media. However, new developments may spoil the fun for some. While Instagram made a comprehensive statement on the subject, news emerged that TikTok was preparing to switch to a subscription system and Twitter was taking steps to turn itself into an NFT market. Sahne Medya, your closest solution partner in Social Media Advertisements, SEO-based web design, Google Ads, Digital Marketing, SEO compatible content production and many more, has written the new era in social media for you.

Statements were made from social media companies, including TikTok, Twitter and Instagram, foretelling that users’ pockets will be hurt. Companies are preparing to change the free status of social media. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta company, attaches importance to Facebook remaining free, but is preparing to try a paid subscription system for Instagram in the USA.

Zuckerberg announced that Instagram subscription will be free until 2023. However, the company, which aims to offer revenue models to content creators, is thinking of something new. Users will subscribe to the account of their favorite content producer and will be able to view content prepared only for subscribers.

Influencers will be able to determine their own subscription fees. Just like green-circled stories where only close friends can be seen, purple-circled stories that only subscribers can view will also take their place on Instagram. Another subscription service is live broadcasts exclusive to subscribers.

Right after Instagram, TikTok also announced its own subscription system. However, unlike Instagram, TikTok did not provide detailed information about how the subscription system would work. TikTok, one of the most successful platforms in offering income models to content creators, makes some of its influencers earn as much as senior executives of world-famous companies.

TikTok users can earn money by sending paid gifts to their favorite broadcasters during live broadcasts. Let’s see what the subscription system will change in TikTok.

Twitter, which has been working for a long time to turn the content it produces into income and has tried many things for this purpose, has now made an innovation that allows NFTs to be purchased. Users will be able to display the NFTs they own in their profile pictures. Very soon, Facebook and Instagram aim to become markets where NFTs can be exhibited and sold, just like Twitter.

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