Instagram’s Real Swipe Feature is in the Story!

Competition between social media platforms continues to be fierce. Instagram, which constantly innovates to compete with TikTok, is preparing to usher in a new era of story scrolling. The new feature, which is in the testing phase in Turkey, will change the way scrolling stories scroll. So how will this new feature affect our Instagram experience? The editors of Sahne Media, your closest solution partner in social media account management and consultancy, digital marketing, e-commerce, SEO and Google ads, explained the new feature of Instagram for you.

Instagram’s activation of the stories feature was truly a big step for social media. Instagram stories are more popular than the home feed. Of course, Instagram managers also know this situation. For this reason, Instagram managers, under the leadership of Adam Mosseri, are constantly innovating. The new story recording feature, which has recently been tested in Turkey, is preparing to take its place among these innovations.

The much talked about new stories feature of the Instagram platform was announced by Matt Navarra. Vertical scrolling format is coming to stories. Just like Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok…

Instagram stories, which have been scrolled horizontally until now, will switch to a new way of use and will start scrolling vertically.

More Compatible with Competitors

In this way, Instagram stories will be provided with a more compatible user experience with both Reels and its major competitors TikTok and YouTube Shorts.

It remains unknown when this feature, which is currently in the testing phase in Turkey, will be available to Instagram users from all over the world. Let’s see how the new feature will affect our Instagram experience and how it will change the balance in competition.

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17-01-2022 11:03:52

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