Instagram Account Can Be Deleted Permanently!

Instagram announced that users will be able to permanently delete their accounts through the application, thanks to a feature it introduced to the iOS application. Digital advertising agency Sahne Medya has compiled it for you…

According to the statement made by social media giant Instagram; Users will be able to permanently delete their accounts through the Instagram application.

Deletion can be done through the ‘Account’ settings in the ‘Profile’ tab in the application. Users who delete their accounts by Instagram will be given 30 days. During this period, users will be able to reopen their accounts if they change their minds. If they do not open it, the account will be permanently deleted after 30 days.

It was emphasized that the decision was taken after the publication of the new App Store rules. With the new update of the Apple Store, it became mandatory for platforms that allow registration through the application to also allow account deletion.

It also took action on Instagram Reels. Thanks to the new update on Instagram, users; They will be able to pin the photos, videos or Reels content they share to the top of their profiles. With the latest update, the duration of Reels videos has also been extended. The company also signaled that all videos can be converted to Reels.

Stage Media

Stage Media

06-07-2022 15:30:23

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