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In order to reach a larger follower base and high number of likes on Instagram, videos with clue values ​​were shared by Instagram itself. The videos, which emphasize that using hashtags in the title of the post increases the possibility of reaching more users, serve as a guide for Influencers who produce content on Instagram. The editors of Sahne Media, your closest solution partner in many areas such as Social Media Account Management, Social Media advertising campaign management, have prepared it for you.

After the spread of the internet, millions of people began to use social media platforms both for business and as a means of communication and entertainment. However, it has become more difficult day by day to stand out among millions of accounts, especially for those who see Instagram as a professional business area.

Many influencers want to reach larger numbers of followers on Instagram, which is still one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. One of the tools for this is Hashtags. However, how and in what form hashtags will be used is a matter of great debate. Finally, Instagram officially intervened in this discussion and prepared a video as a guide for users.

Where Should Hashtags Be Used?

Until now, there has been a dominant view on how hashtags, one of the effective tools to reach followers on Instagram, should be used. One of these was the use of tags in the title of posts. Another theory was that using tags in comments was more effective. However, Instagram confirmed on its official account that the first theory is more accurate. So, it is a better step to use tags in the title of posts to get more viewers, followers and likes.

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10-09-2021 13:24:00

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