Ease of Commenting with Artificial Intelligence on Instagram

Instagram, one of the famous platforms of social media, aroused excitement among users with the news of a “new feature”. It has been reported that Instagram, the free photo and video sharing application, is planning to integrate artificial intelligence into “comments” in the coming days. The date of when the application will be implemented is not yet clear. With this feature, artificial intelligence will be able to comment when the followers give a command.

Another Feature for Instagram

Alessandro Paluzzi, known for his news in the field of IT applications, recently gave information about a feature that Instagram, which provides services within the Meta Company, is working on. According to Alessandro Paluzzi’s statements, Instagram will open a new window for generating comments with the help of artificial intelligence. The feature in question can be noticed in the screenshot. To benefit from this feature, you must first click on the button on the left side of the comment text box.

Commenting on Behalf of Followers

Thus, artificial intelligence followers write a comment on your behalf. Sharing can be done after users approve the text. During the application, artificial intelligence needs to understand the subject of the post before writing the comment. However, it remains unclear whether the users will make the redirection or whether artificial intelligence will do this by analyzing the content of the post.

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Stage Media

19-06-2023 16:07:46

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