A New Player Joins the E-Commerce World.

Twitter is on its way to becoming a shopping application…

Social media platform Twitter is innovating in order to get a share of the ever-growing e-commerce and digital marketing pie. With the developed Twitter Shops feature, Twitter is preparing to turn itself into almost a shopping application. The new feature, which is currently only activated for some brands, allows a collection of up to 50 products to be placed at the top of the profile. It is currently unknown when the Twitter Shops feature will be activated for all brands. Sahne Media, your closest solution partner in areas such as Digital Marketing, e-Commerce, Web Design, Social Media Advertisements and Social Media Account Management, explained the innovations awaiting Twitter and e-Commerce for you.

Twitter continues to maintain its importance as an application that has a unique place in social media platforms and has a large number of users. A new player joins the e-Commerce world with the Twitter Shops feature. Twitter is now preparing to offer its users the opportunity to shop on Twitter, thus entering into competition with Facebook.

How Does Twitter Shops Work?

The Twitter Shops feature allows brands that want to sell the opportunity to place a collection of up to 50 products at the top of their profiles. This collection can be accessed via a button. Moreover, Twitter will not charge any fee to brands that activate and use this feature. This signals that Twitter will be a good and fair market for many small and medium-sized brands.

What Does Twitter Shops Look Like?

Looking at the statements from Twitter, it seems that Twitter Shops is not open to all brands for now. In other words, Twitter Shops is still being tested in the testing phase. After the testing phase is completed, it will be available first in the USA and then in other countries.

Currently, Twitter Shops is closed for many brands and a significant portion of users cannot access this feature. According to a published blog content, the Twitter Shops feature is being tested only on iPhone owners living in the USA who set the application language to English. It remains unclear for now when we will be able to access it.

If you see Twitter Shops as a market for your brand and business and want to increase your income and increase your brand awareness, you can prepare for the future with a professional agency. Having accomplished many successful campaigns in Social Media Advertisements and digital marketing, Sahne Medya continues to be your companion on the path to success. Stage Media, Twitter Ads to get an idea about click.

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